A hybrid tissue stimulator based on hyaluronic acid and trehalose for improving facial geometry and contours

A next-generation medical cellular stimulator, symbolizing advanced technology and novel synergy of trechalose and hyaluronic acid hybrid complex. Recommended for advanced revitalization, bio-remodeling and softlifting, as well as restoration of skin firmness lost with age.

Trehfill’s unique formulation contains a hyaluronic acid complex with selective molecular weights (1200-1500 kDa and 200-400 kDa) which act as a hydrophilic polymer to more effectively attract and retain water in the skin. Trehalose, enhances and prolongs the moisturizing effect by stabilizing hyaluronic acid structures and long-term water retention in the deep layers of the skin. The stabilizing effect of trehalose protects the acid conglomerate from rapid resorption, ensuring a slow release of the product and achieving better and longer-lasting bio-revitalization effects.

Trehfill has the ability to mobilize fibroblasts to produce new type I collagen fibers and strengthen the skin’s support frame. As a cell protective factor, trehalose promotes fibroblast integration and prevents premature ageing. This combination accelerates repair and regeneration in tissues, resulting in increased collagen production and improved skin elasticity.

The specially designed administration technique was developed to enhance areas of anatomically desirable volume. 
It allows for the accentuation and reconstruction of tissues in areas particularly prone to sagging and volume loss, resulting in a gentle skin lift and improved facial contours.

A 2ml syringe contains:

50 mg of hyaluronic acid (200-400 kDa and 1200-1500 kDa)
20 mg of trehalose